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Old Flames Old Flames

Old Flames is The Turn of the Screw meets The Grudge.

A ghost story set in the heart of rural Wales and at the centre of London: a young couple buy an isolated cottage in Wales . They become possessed by the ghosts of the previous inhabitants of the cottage. As the ghosts manipulate events in the present day, the young couple must fight to shake off this ghostly influence or history will repeat itself -with murder.

“If you can't shake off your ghosts, you're dead too”


Folk Devil Folk Devil

Folk Devil is The Wicker Man meets A Nightmare on Elm Street

Three Wells: a remote English village, steeped in traditions passed down for countless generations. The return of a man taken from there as a child sets in motion a battle between Paganism and Christianity, Mysticism and Science, to be fought out between the villagers of Three Wells and the newcomers who have come there to live... and die.

“Sacrifice is as important now as it's ever been”


Black Ice Black Ice

Black Ice is Bodysnatchers meets The Ghosts of Mars

Midwinter in the high Arctic: a documentary TV crew find the workers at a diamond mine infiltrated by creatures from Inuit legend. Modern science and Inuit culture need to work together if anyone is to survive the long Arctic night.

“Everyone looks the same in the dark”


Born of Fire Born of Fire

Born of Fire is The Conjuring meets Jacob's Ladder.

An existential horror film set in Iraq and a bleak British city.

A unit of British soldiers in Iraq find an ancient Babylonian relic just before they are attacked by militants and seriously injured.

Back in Britain the traumatised soldiers are stalked by a shadowy figure with supernatural powers who wants the missing relic. As the unit are killed one-by-one, the Sergeant, who is now a high school teacher finds an unexpected ally in a pupil who is an Iraqi refugee, and his uncle, a street exorcist.

Together they race against time across a bleak British town seeking the relic which belonged to King Solomon as demonic forces grow around them...

“Bad things haunt dead places”


Garland Stone is seeking interested international co-producers for the above projects.

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