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Hostile Takeover Hostile Takeover

Hostile Takeover is Resident Evil meets The Raid

An impoverished student with anger management issues gets a job as an overnight security guard at a pharmaceutical lab. When the lab is robbed, his attempts to protect the property, and the medical experiments going on inside combine to make the ultimate bad night at the office: he has to face the demons of his past and the demons of the future.

“Work Can Be Hell”

Director: BAFTA Nominee Ray Kilby www.raykilby.com

Confirmed Cast include: Stephen Marcus, Akbar Kurtha, Richard Elfyn and Dafydd Hywel.


Away Game Away Game

Away Game: Midsommar meets The Hills Have Eyes

A group of British football supporters travel to a remote region of Scandinavia to see their lower league team play in Europe for the first time in a generation. Craig, a retired soldier grows increasingly wary of the situation around him, reminding him of his tours of duty in countries where he cannot speak the language and religious issues pervade everyday life.

A clash with locals in a small town leads to Craig and his mates being hunted in the primordial forests by the locals in a deadly game where there is...

“No Extra Time: Just Sudden Death”


Blood Eagle Blood Eagle

Blood Eagle is The 13th Warrior meets Alien Vs. Predator

Light house men save a young woman washed ashore on a remote island, but the young woman is not what she seems. Soon everyone on the island are trapped inside the lighthouse, while outside the lighthouse wait...

“The most feared warriors in history: a thousand years older - a thousand years more deadly”


Texas Venom Texas Venom

Texas Venom is High Noon meets The Howling

Sheriff Walker's job is to Protect and Serve –serving his community by protecting the outside world from them.

Sheriff Walker tries in vain to keep the lid on rising tensions between his townsfolk and outsiders: if it boils over the townsfolk will bite back as only they can!

Garland Stone is a co-producing with Seanchai (UK), Palm Productions (US) and is searching for a Spanish co- producer.

Texas Venom is to be shot in Almeria, Spain: with post production in the UK.


Enter at Own Risk Enter at Own Risk

Enter at Own Risk is The Descent meets Rec

Urban Explorers enter an underground world of horror hidden for centuries beneath the streets of London.

They are the first to enter a tube station sealed by the Government since WWII and the plague pits from the mid fifteenth century which the bombing has opened.

“Death Won't Stay Buried”


Witch Sight Witch Sight

Witch Sight is Predator meets Angel Heart

A gritty urban gangster film driven by supernatural revenge.

An alcoholic widow seeks vengeance on the gangsters who have murdered her drug dealer son. While the Police and Press are investigating what they suspect is a gang war, the reality is modern day Magick is laying waste the criminal underworld.

But every contract requires a payment: and it must be honoured to the letter:

“Nothing can break a contract made in blood”


Garland Stone is seeking interested international co-producers for the above projects.

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