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Old Flames Old Flames

The Grudge Meets The VVitch

Modern day lovers are manipulated by the ghosts of the doomed previous inhabitants of an isolated Welsh cottage. Following her father's death, Carole uses her inheritance to buy a remote traditional cottage. But the cottage has a bad history; the wives of the previous owners have all been murdered. During their first night at the cottage, Carole and her boyfriend are possessed by the ghosts of the original inhabitants. As history repeats itself, Carole must fight to avoid meeting the same tragic fate.

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Blood Eagle Blood Eagle

Vikings meets Alien Vs. Predator

Light house men save a young woman washed ashore on a remote Irish island, but the young woman is not what she seems. Soon everyone on the island are trapped inside the lighthouse, with this legendary Baba Yaga witch, while outside the lighthouse wait the Vikings she cursed a millennium ago....

“The most feared warriors in history: a thousand years older - a thousand years more deadly”

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Away Game Away Game

Midsommar meets The Hills Have Eyes

A group of British football supporters travel to a remote region of Scandinavia to see their lower league team play in Europe for the first time in a generation. Craig, a retired soldier grows increasingly wary of the situation around him, reminding him of his tours of duty in countries where he cannot speak the language and religious issues pervade everyday life.

A clash with locals in a small town leads to Craig and his mates being hunted in the primordial forests by the locals in a deadly game where there is...

“No Extra Time: Just Sudden Death”

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Black Valley Black Valley

Epic Folk Horror

The vast slate wastelands of North West Wales are a place where legends are set. A place shaped by industrial history and Celtic myth. Here a village has been lost in time following a massive quarry disaster which tore a rift between our world and the Celtic Otherworld.

Now in the 21st century a young woman is brought to her ancestral home within this village to claim her inheritance.: to become the druidess responsible for keeping back the Otherworld..


Folk Devil Folk Devil

The Wicker Man meets A Nightmare on Elm Street

Three Wells: a remote English village, steeped in traditions passed down for countless generations. The return of a man taken from there as a child sets in motion a battle between Paganism and Christianity, Mysticism and Science, to be fought out between the villagers of Three Wells and the newcomers who have come there to live... and die

“Sacrifice is as important now as it's ever been”


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